Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Best busk in Australia so far.

 Danny, after taking us to uniquely called "New Town" Sydney's version of London's Earls court 40 years ago, and buying me a huge ice-cream, suggested that tomorrow we try Martin Place to busk. It's the white collar area of Sydney and apparently has educated people.

So we eventually got to busk after some technical hitches'

We meet Danny, a lovable, well meaning, crazy guy.
Danny has become Sydney's street mascot and is very well respected by many people through out the city. He does a lot of good work and also makes people smile.

Check him out on facebook... 


Marty is the dog.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Recycled inverter into "cool" fan hat.

On Monday we got all set up in the city for our first busk in Sydney, We were really looking forward to it. We switched on the power ....and nothing. The red light came on and the inverter fan whirlled signalling power but nothing, no sound at all.

We got a replacement from a very helpful Jay Carr, electrical supplies 2 blocks away.

When we got home I took the old inverter to bits and found that the fan still worked when we put a battery to it. I decided to invent a "cool" hat.

 John, our host in Sydney, a friend of a friend, is also a master builder so does not approve of Dads recommendations of gaffer tap and blue tack

Bed time but watch this space...
we have the fan in place but need to secure the battery and switch.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sydney Contemporary Art Gallery????


Well, I just have a problem with this.


not too sure about this either...


then there's this

May be I am just not ready for contemporary art.

they "paid" for this...

I could sell my bedroom.

This started off more better but is in a loop?

I like TV and the thought of watching loads
 at once seemed like a great idea but........



This is art. 


No honest, 

 it's got a label.

I sympathise but is this art??

I actually like this

The following is her other stuff...