Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pretty village called Helmstadt, Germany

Staying with Mums cousin and her family in Germany. We seem to be heading towards Amsterdam, which great because I am reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Dad says he will take me to the house she lived in. It's my birthday in 2 days.
We went to see some Reindeer today and then on to Wurzburg Residence, a huge Palace type place that was almost destroyed by The Raf during the 2nd world war.
 They said no photos, Dad asked why and the lady said "copyright". Dad said it was all too old to be covered by copyright and she smiled and said, no photos.
Dad told me later he left his camera switched on on video mode while it was around his neck so there will be some images to follow.

By the time we got to Wurzburg Castle (in the background) it was dark but we walked round the outside and got a great view of the city. It was very very cold.

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  1. Dad doesn't know much about copyright. Happy Birthday Ruby xx