Saturday, February 11, 2017

Truck Fest Bunbury.

There was going to be a "Truck Fest" today in Bunbury and we saw loads of fast food/ burger vans/ Thai Kitchens/ pork on a stick etc etc setting up, just before, "as we thought" the huge display team of MEGA TRUCKS, Lorries, Road Trains/ Super Jeeps arrived to do tricks and shows. We were amazed that the organiser, Matt, gave us a spot, and for "free", to busk right in the centre of activity from 3.30 till 4.00.

Turned out it was a Fast Food Truck Fest or Junk Food Orgy. People sat in front of us and watched expressionless while filling their faces. One guy did pass after we had finished and stopped eating long enough to utter, "good singer". That was the only interaction with the munching mass.
As we left a guy with lots of gear and loud backing tracks was singing pop songs to even less interested eaters.

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