Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Polish Peter in Avignon, a true gentleman..

We had arrived at a pretty grotty campsite the night before and looked out a good place to busk, just beside The Popes Palace. When we went back to set up Peter had just started playing.


Peter played beautifully, songs about love, caring for fellow creatures and our planet mixed with a little Hendrix. He was very happy to stand aside while I played and he danced to "What's up."

Dad described him and a lovely New Age type person.
He invited us to a free campsite on the edge of a lake 25k north near a town called Orange.

Peter carried on playing after Ruby and her audience left. We saw him a hour later playing to absolutely nobody, he said he had made 60 euros in the morning in another spot and that he was just playing for the enjoyment. He was still there hours later when we passed him on the way back to the van.

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