Monday, September 26, 2016

We hit San Tropez..............

Had a great busk on the sea front in San Tropez, it was a bit dark when we got there and Dad asked what was going on, it was pretty busy. "Only the most important Regatta of the year was the reply".
 It is Classic Yacht week.

I did a busk and then a second set, had a great crowd and a record number of notes in my ukulele case. The police drove passed several times so we thought, great, no problem. It seems they were waiting until we had finished to tell us that amplification was not permitted. Dad says they were afraid my audience might set upon them.

The lady in black was really excited to see me, said she was in Paris yesterday and saw me on face book.

A lovely lady called Cecile from a shop/art gallery opposite asked if I would like to play in her gallery space on the sea front the next night, there would be a pianist playing also. Dad said I could but only if I have a siesta before as it was to be a late night show. I left my amp and stuff with her so I could ride in the cycle buggy back to the van.

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