Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shut down in Nice.

With obvious security everywhere in the city we set up in view of a couple of police vans in Massena Square. By the end of the first song I had a good crowd, towards the end of the second song, with an even bigger crowd you can see plain clothed security jumping out of their van and a marked police car skidded to a halt behind Dad. Two plain clothed police went straight to my Dad and ask if I was with him, they had obviously been watching us set up.

We had to stop because I was too young they said. That has never been a reason to stop me before. It was pretty obvious that the security get very nervous if there is any kind of gathering after the events in July.

The greek God Apollo was watching over me from Fontaine du Soleil.

But more seriously, the fear of a second attack has made the Police Chief and the Mayor worry about their jobs. It said on the local radio that, "in respect of those who died" in July, there would be no festivals or entertainment on The Promenade des Anglais for 12 months. The night after the Paris attack a year ago every restaurant was full to show respect for those who died and disdain to the terrorists.
It was very sad to see some of the tributes left behind where that dreadful attack took place.

particularly teddy bears, dolls and baby toys

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