Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Genoa, craziest place so far.

I thought this lady was hard to believe......

 We passed this lady as we were driving through Genoa, there was a police car opposite her. Dad later stopped and illegally parked to go back to speak to her expecting her to be arrested or gone. She said that she usually performs there but recommended the square below the Cathedral would be safer for me to play music. We went there.

The two ladies in white loved Hallelujah but probably didn't understand all the lyrics!


Redemption before the Police shut us down.

The guy in the cammy pants takes a photo and approaches the Police who had not paid much attention previously. They were polite and waited until I had finished before telling us it was not allowed for people under 18 years to sing in the street in Italy but we could try other cities like Napoli. The lady policeman liked my music, they walked back to our van and took passport numbers, they didn't mind that our parking ticket was expired and we went to see Genoa Cathedral that was behind us in Piazza San Lorenzo where I was singing. Quite plain on the out side but check the link  to photos of the inside.
Later, after my busk, we passed the same zebra crossing as earlier and there was a guy on a monocycle juggling.

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