Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Only" 8 days to fix our van.

Still no word on the problem with our vehicle and after 6 nights in a Hotel costing the RAC £240 per night they move us to a cheaper but actually nicer one slightly out of the centre. Later that day Dad gets a phone call from the RAC asking if he would go to the garage and open the engine compartment so the mechanics can access the engine. Apparently they did not know how to. When we got to the garage the mechanics said that it was not that they could not open the engine compartment but that they were not allowed to move personal items that were on the seat above the engine compartment. It took them 6 days to get to this point.
The next day The RAC phoned to say that the garage could not find the fault and that they were incompetent and they were going to move the vehicle to Italy to have another garage look at it. At this point Dad is demanding a large hire car to continue our journey.
They locate a 6 seater Vauxhall but will phone back to confirm. They phone back the next day to say the vehicle has been fixed, it had dirt in a pipe leading to the Turbo. They suggested we pick up the van and stay one more night in the hotel. Eight days and Hotel bills of over £1500, 3 days hire car and it was a simple and apparently obvious problem, total garage bill £120.
It's been colder and raining the last few days in Ljubljana and we climb out of Slovenia over the mountains we see sprawled before us a gorgeous bright sunny Croatia.

We reach Zadar.

and do a busk in the beautiful old part of the city, click here

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